BP Oil Spill Claims

Holmes Kurnik and the BP Oil Spill Claims Service

In response to the recent BP settlement ruling making funds available for those who experienced economic losses or damages, Holmes Kurnik announces: BP OIL SPILL CLAIMS SERVICE ~ a streamlined solution for Gulf Coast businesses.

Our Naples-based law firm offers full-service, comprehensive legal representation at no upfront cost to the claimant (with only 15% contingency on recovered losses/damages). Our free case evaluation includes individualized attention, in addition to a Causation Analysis and estimated Damage Calculation.

The Holmes Kurnik BP Oil Spill Claims Service is FREE, streamlined and easy.

Simply call us at 239.228.7280 to speak with one of our BP Oil Spill Claims staff OR fill out the FREE Case Evaluation form (to the right) and someone will contact you shortly.

BP Oil Spill Claim Frequently Asked Questions

Along with the recent flooding of requests for representation following this settlement come many questions. Here are answers to several of these FAQ's:

  1. WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE BP SETTLEMENT FUNDS? Businesses and/or individuals who can prove some economic loss in the year 2010 (following the spill on April 20 of that year) and who can provide all of the necessary tax and business documentation to back up those losses are eligible. Holmes Kurnik is serving any and all businesses along the Gulf Coast that require this service.
  2. HOW DO I PROVE THAT THE OIL SPILL NEGATIVELY AFFECTED MY BUSINESSES? The Amended Settlement Agreement (available on the website) establishes methods of filing a claim to recover lost profits for individuals and businesses. For your business to be eligible for payment, it must be the type of business that is either entitled to a causation presumption or you will need to satisfy one of several financial causation tests.
  3. AM I TOO LATE TO MAKE A CLAIM? No. Due to the myriad amount of misinformation surrounding the BP Oil claim process, many business owners think that they have missed the time period within which to file a claim. The deadline to submit claims had not been announced as of September 16, 2014. Those interested in filing a claim should contact this office or check the Settlement Program website (deepwaterhorizoneconomicsettlement.com) frequently for updates on this important deadline.
  4. IF I EXPERIENCED FINANCIAL LOSSES IN 2010, HOW DO I FIND OUT IF MY BUSINESS IS ELIGIBLE TO COLLECT ON A CLAIM? Call us at 239.228.7280 for your FREE Oil Spill Claim case evaluation. Our experienced staff will be able to determine if your case is eligible for recovering funds within 24-48 hours of your submission of the business's monthly profit and loss statements. If we find that you are eligible for recovery of damages/losses, we will ask that you provide us with the necessary paperwork at that time (to include corporate tax returns) and will file the claim on your behalf.
  5. IS THERE A FEE? There is NO FEE for the evaluation of your case and our filing of your claim. If we make your evaluation and file your claim and you recover funds, Holmes Kurnik charges a contingency fee of 15% of your recovered losses.
  6. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO SEE IF I'M ELIGIBLE? Just a phone call will typically help us determine whether or not you are eligible to file a claim. If you are eligible, we at Holmes Kurnik will file your claim to the Deepwater Horizon Claims Center (DHCC) and keep you updated throughout the process.
  7. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO RECOVER LOSSES/DAMAGES? Once your Holmes Kurnik representative files the claim, there is no definitive measure of time for recovery of losses and damages.

Simply call us at 239.228.7280 to speak with one of our BP Oil Spill Claims staff OR, fill out the FREE Case Evaluation form (to the right) and someone will contact you shortly.

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